Since 2010, in Vitrocolor we have dedicated ourselves to the manufacturing and decoration of glass articles.

We offer a wide range of colors and finishes, as well as the customization of the product according to the canons, collections and colors that the customer wants. today, we are decorating glass with the same enthusiasm that has defined us always, but in addition we manufacture our own products of glass.

This has led us to expand our range of products and to adapt even more to the needs of our customers.

Recycled glass

The articles that we work with are: bottles, jugs, cups, glasses, plates, bowls, saladiers, fish bowls, jars, centers, vases, flower pots, sailboats and carafes.

They are all 100% recycled glass both if they are manufactured in the traditional way, by process of centrifugation, semi-automatic or blown out. As finishing of the product we have the alabaster and bubbles. the decorated exteriors are the range of different finishes and colors that we present.